Stolen or lost passport: How to report and replace it

Did you lose your passport? Was it stolen while in Buenos Aires? Do you need information on how to replace a stolen or lost passport or the documentation you will need to present for a new passport to be created?

Why are passports so important?

Passports are crucial documents. Not only do they provide reliable proof of identification in several countries—indicating your full name, country of origin, age and even profession—but also proof of citizenship, especially in countries such as the U.S., since it allows you to re-enter your country.

This irrefutable document is essential to travel to any country, not only to get across but also in case you suffer any kind of injury, for instance, or need medical care; your passport can be enough proof of identification for your insurance to get the assistance you need.

Stolen or lost passport in Buenos Aires

Many travelers have lost their passport during their stay at Buenos Aires, turning their dreamed travel into a bureaucratic nightmare. Because passports provide proof of identification, if you loose or have you passport stolen you should first file a report with the local police. If your passport falls in the wrong hands and it is still valid, it can be used for criminal acts, implicating you as the owner of the passport.

You can replace a stolen or lost passport the same way you get a new one. The only difference is that you need to provide the missing or stolen passport report, and then follow due process to have your passport quick replaced.

If you have your passport stolen or lost while in Buenos Aires, you should report it at once. Instead of panicking and talking to people who cannot help you, go to the Argentine Federal Police to report your stolen or lost passport. Afterwards, visit the consulate of your country in Buenos Aires to continue the process.

However, before filing the report, it is important that you are certain that your passport was stolen or lost and that you have not simply misplaced it. Keep this in mind because once you report a missing or stolen passport it is no longer valid, even if you find it afterwards. Therefore, before spending money, time and energy getting a replacement, make sure that it is truly lost.

The process of replacing a stolen or lost passport it is extremely rigorous and time-consuming. It might take weeks to replace your stolen or lost passport, but filing a theft report earlier will help reduce stress.

How to file a theft report in Buenos Aires

  1. Locate the closest Police station.
  2. Meet the officer in charge to file a report.
  3. Make sure that your statement is well documented.

It is also important to know that if you need to travel quickly, instead of going through this long process to replace your passport, you can request an emergency passport. In case you have an appointment you cannot miss back in your country, use this resource to travel without delay.

After filing a stolen or lost passport report, you will be required to fill in an application requesting a replacement for your lost passport.

How you can replace a stolen or lost passport in Buenos Aires

After filing the report of your missing passport, here are the steps you need to follow to get a replacement:

  1. Locate the embassy or consulate of your country in Buenos Aires.
  2. Visit the embassy with all the necessary documents (you can find the details on the embassy’s or consulate website).
  3. Apply for a passport replacement.
  4. Present proof of citizenship at the embassy.
  5. Submit your application to the officer and attach necessary documents.

Occasionally, travelers file stolen passport reports at the police station and wait for the Argentine police to retrieve their passports. This will only delay the replacement process, so instead of waiting for the retrieval, apply for a replacement.

After filling in the application form, you will be requested to hand in supporting documents to get a replacement. These documents will help ascertain you are the real owner of the passport. Failure to present these supporting documents can make getting a replacement for your stolen passport impossible.

Some of the documents you need to submit are:

  • national identification card (as a solid evidence of your citizenship)
  • A proof of identification such as a driver’s license
  • A few passport photographs

Once you gather all the necessary documents, you can proceed to your embassy or consulate in Buenos Aires to submit your application. Once they examine your application and you make the necessary payments, in a short while, you will receive a replacement for your stolen or lost passport. You can also replace your passport faster by going through any regional agency of your country in Buenos Aires.

Finally, remember not to delay the replacement. Get a new passport as soon as you realize your passport has been stolen or lost in Buenos Aires.