Best restaurants in Buenos Aires

Tourists from every part of the world bear witness to the exquisite food available at restaurants all over the city of Buenos Aires. Nonetheless, there are several restaurants that are superior that overshine many others. If you are interested in visiting the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, you will find everything you need to know next.

From European-themed cafés run by experto baristas, to the traditional parrillas where you can enjoy some of the best steaks in the world, Argentine cuisine is considered a definite must-see and must-have when visiting the country.

Buenos Aires is a true international destination, with a very rich and eclectic gastronomy, influenced by European, Asian and South American cuisines (Italian, Spanish, Bolivian, Peruvian, Chinese, Korean…), all of which have infused a dose of multicultural sumptuousness into the locally made, usually overlooked, foods.

The revolution in food culture that Buenos Aires has experienced, paired with the locals high expectations, have taken food quality to very high standards, turning a day-to-day meal into an absolute joy for the senses.

Best restaurants in Buenos Aires

If you are looking to enjoy a delicious meal at Argentina’s capital, consider the following list of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires and treat yourself to some great food:


Run by the award-winning chef from San Pellegrino, Martín Rebaudino, this is elegant establishment, located in Recoleta, should definitely be on your list of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires.

With almost 20 years of experience at Oviedo, a local restaurant, chef Rebaudino has become an expert at combining Mediterranean flavors to create succulent savory dishes. Ingredients are carefully sourced, intricately prepared and beautifully served to provide an absolute feast for your senses.

Roux offers some of the best seafood in Buenos Aires. In fact, chef Rebaudino’s specials are Patagonian trout with cauliflower pureé and gnocchi made with black olives and baby squid. If you plan on visiting Buenos Aires, remember to stop at Roux and enjoy one these flavorful dishes.

You can also enjoy the restaurant’s incredible deserts, such as panna cotta with warm strawberries, pink peppercorn sauce and popcorn “perfume”.

Address: Peña 2300, Recoleta.


Lusitano is an elite restaurant with exclusive clientele, consisting mostly of socialite models, actors and other celebrities. One of the newest additions to the food world in Buenos Aires, located in Palermo, Lusitano is considered one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires.

The owner of the restaurant, who amassed incredible wealth and experience while working in France at places like L’espadon and Maxim, also brought several European culinary secrets with him, literally. He brought with him an invaluable personal collection of rare works of art dating back as far as the 15th century.

All of these special traits enhance the restaurant with an archaic but majestic look. Enjoy Lusitano’s French-inspired dishes created by chef Alejandro Tarditti and savor signature cocktails conceived by bartender Ramiro Moises, made with fennel and cardamom. Cost per person are around ARS 600 to 800 (USD 22 to 30).

Address: José Antonio Cabrera 5621, Palermo.

El Obrero

Located in the historic neighborhood of La Boca, this traditional restaurant combines the best of both local and international cuisines in Buenos Aires. Enjoy delicious creations surrounded by soccer memorabilia and several photos of the restaurant’s most illustrious visitors.

If you plan on visiting La Boca, remember to stop for potato tortilla or spinach mozzarella ravioli and a dulce de leche flan for dessert. You can enjoy a complete meal for approximately ARS 450 (USD 16.50). Remember to book in advance.

Address: Agustin Caffarena 64, La Boca.


Interestingly, one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires is located in the most unlikely of places: a mechanic shop. Augusto Mayer and Leo Lanussol transformed an ordinary mechanic shop into a rustic restaurant, specialized in grilling and barbecue.

These two master chefs are incredibly skilled in the art of fire cooking, and some of the must-try dishes at this restaurant are grilled artichokes with cashew cream and burnt lemon, Patagonian blue cheese, smoked sweet potato with kale. The dishes change constantly according to availability of the ingredients and which fruits and vegetables are in season.

The average cost per person is ARS 1200 (USD 44) including appetizers, main course, wine and desert.

Address: Aráoz 1676, Palermo.

Gran Dabbang

Owned by a chef that has travelled all over the world, from Peru to Spain, to Malaysia and Thailand, Gran Dabbang incorporates flavors from every continent. Despite having a small size and the fact that you cannot book in advance, the restaurant provides a fusion of Asia, Latin America and Middle Eastern flavors in a very diverse and rich menu.

Remember to try chef Mariano Ramon’s Paraguayan starch cake or potato mbeju the next time you visit Palermo. You get a serving with fontina cheese, spicy red pepper jam, string beans and roasted quail spiced with ginger and garlic, served in a tahini-yogurt sauce. It is quite accessible, since you can enjoy a meal for two for ARS 1,000 (USD 36).

Address: Av. Scalabrini ortiz 1543, Palermo.

Sunae Asian Cantina

If you are craving asian cuisine, in Buenos Aires there is no better restaurant than Sunae Asian Cantina. Its rich menu combines flavors from China, Thailand, Vietnam, The Philippines and other parts of Asia. Chef Christina Sunae, founder of this amazing spot, is an American that spent an important part of her life in Japan and The Philippines.

Her most popular dishes include Pad thai, soup dumplings and fried wontons. The restaurant also offers less known but equally amazing options from Asia like Bun thit Nuong and grilled pork steeped in lemon grass and honey served with rice noodles, fish sauce, peanuts and herbs. You can enjoy all these against a background of woven lanterns, bistro chairs and Martinique. Average cost per person is ARS 600 (USD 22).

Address: Humboldt 1626, Palermo.


Located in San Isidro, approximately an hour away from the city by car, this bistró is considered an absolute favorite among locals and one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires.

Mostly due to chef Alejandro Feraud’s obsession with fresh products, dishes are made with the absolute best ingredients, provided directly by a mini farm behind the restaurant. Enjoy their delicately served meals in a pristine environment where everything is handmade.

Chef Feraud specializes in European dishes such as beef triangoli and mushroom with a miniature cocotte and bacon-wrapped rabbit chorizo garnished with squash, garlic and leeks. Average cost per person is ARS 1,000 (USD 36).

Address: Blanco Encalada 2120, San Isidro.


Rising star chef Tomás Kalika has made a name for himself as a top class cook in Latin America. His restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires and he has even been recognized by the 50 Best Restaurants Academy as one of the most exciting discoveries in Latin America.

Trained in Israel under chef Eyal Shani, Kalika’s creativity is one of the many things that has earned him a position of prestige among both tourists and locals in Buenos Aires.

Mishiguene’s amazing menu includes reinvented jewish dishes such as Pastrami, made with traditional Argentine beef and spinach bureka baked hot, with truffled potatoes and eggs. Average cost per person is ARS 800 (USD 30).

Address: Lafinur 3368, Palermo.

El Baqueano

Located in San Telmo, this restaurant that is considered one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires and even ranks 13 on the list of the 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America. Its menu includes rare meats like llama, ostrich and wild boar from Argentina, cooked with a mix of artistically presented edible flowers, herbs and grains from the region.

Dishes as those create what chef Fernando Rivarola calls “autochthonous contemporary cuisine”. This restaurant offers other varieties of food such as lhare risotto, caiman gyozas served with wasabi sponge cake, gherkin spheres with cheese foam, among other amazing delicacies. In addition, you get to enjoy your delicious meal with local wine picked out specially by Gabriela Lafuente, Rivarola’s wife. Approximate cost for a whole meal for two people is ARS 2,000 (USD 60).

Address: Chile 499, Monserrat.


Ranked as one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires and named after its owner and chef, Gonzalo Aramburu, this restaurant provides one of the best dining experiences available in Buenos Aires, according to locals. Located in the outskirts of San Telmo, Aramburu is small and intimate, yet it is constantly full.

It offers a 19-course menu with original dishes created by the chef himself. One of the most recent and fascinating additions to the menu is a “coral reef” made out of crackers. Paper thin, this delicacy emulates the colors of the coral reef and also includes steak tartar layered with ice cream and black quinoa. Average cost per person without wine tasting is ARS 1,400 (USD 51).

Address: Salta 1050, San Telmo.


Unveiled in 2014 as part of the renovations undertaken by the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires, this elegant restaurant has double-height ceilings, patterned marble floors and leather tile walls.

Clients of the restaurant are seated on tufted benches, positioned so as to enjoy the beautiful dome and stargaze while eating. The chefs are Juan Gaffuri and Nicolas Diaz Rosaenz, and the restaurant has earned its place among the best restaurants in Buenos Aires due to exquisite dishes such as Argentine beef.

Seafood is also an important part of the menu: sautéed shrimp with cilantro aioli, grilled octopus served with yellow pepper and almond emulsion…it is a feast for the senses definitely worth experiencing. Average cost per person is ARS 900 (USD 33).

Address: Calle Posadas 1086/88, Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires, Retiro.

Florería Atlántico

Floreria Atlántico is a clandestine cocktail bar and restaurant located behind a wine boutique and flower shop in Buenos Aires. Mixologist Tato Giovanni and sommelier Julian Diaz deliver some of the best of cocktail drinks and grilled meats in the area.

The two big names have been serving crowds of tourists who visit their establishments since 2013, and provide an interesting and diverse menu based on different European drinks, including the Italian, with creative concoctions elaborated from Cynar, Grappa, and Campari.

The bar opens at 7-8pm, and if you plan on dining there we recommend you book in advance. Drinks and appetizers cost approximately ARS 200 (USD 7).

Address: Arroyo 872, Retiro.


What began as a semi-secret dining room and was ran by brothers Santiago, Camilo and Laura Macias, has now evolved into one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires. Currently located in Villa Crespo, iLatina has grown exponentially, to the point that getting a seat without reservation has become quite the odyssey.

This Latin American cuisine restaurant is rather unconventional, since it doesn’t offer a menu but a 6-course meal that changes continuously and includes a wide variety of dishes, such as anise infused arepas with avocado and fried pork rinds or yucca fritters with rabbit confit and pistachio stuffing.

iLatina’s gastronomic offer is highly influenced by Colombian cuisine, mainly to the origin of its owners. Average cost per person for a 6-course menu is ARS 1800 (without wine tasting, which costs an additional ARS 900) or USD 66.

Tomo 1

Inside the Pan American Hotel you can find this French-inspired cuisine restaurant, created by the Concaro sisters, Ada and Ebe, and run nowadays by Federico, Ada’s youngest son, after her mother’s passing in 2010, and Gabriela Troncoso.

Their menu definitely has a strong French influence, a passion for fresh top-quality ingredients and mouthwatering dishes. Despite its more than 50 years of gastronomic service, the restaurant remains as humble as ever. In fact, they frequently provide complimentary drinks and appetizers and the chef normally visits the tables.

Average cost per person for a food and wine tasting is ARS 2400 (USD 88), but they do have a more accessible dining option for ARS 1700 (USD 62).

Address: Carlos Pellegrini 521,

La Cabrera

Considered one of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, and as of 2013, one of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America. A favorite among both locals and tourists, La Cabrera is always very busy.

Its menu consists mainly of premium beef cuts such as Aberdeen Angus and Hereford, grilled, as well as an arrange of appetizers such as provolone cheese, chorizo, homemade blood pudding and empanadas. La Cabrera also has a wide variety of savory homemade pastas and several options for dessert.

Enjoy the flavorful combinations of European and Latin American cuisines in every single dish. Average cost per person is between ARS 800 and 1,000 (USD 30-36).

Address: José Antonio Cabrera 5127, Palermo.

One of the best features of the Argentine capital is precisely its eclectic cuisine, with exquisite parrilla and interesting fusions between European, Asian and Latin American cuisines.

These are but a few of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires that you should definitely consider dining at when visiting the city. Regardless of which establishment you select to dine at, make sure you enjoy a proper Argentine meal. You will not regret it.