Necessary requirements to travel to Argentina

Buenos Aires has become a favorite destination for anyone in search of great healthcare or quality education in Latin America or for those interested in vacationing at a modern and vibrant metropolis. Although Argentina does not really have many restrictions for international travelers, there are some requirements to travel to Argentina that you need to be aware of.

These requirements are not difficult to meet, but you must be informed and prepared to meet upon arrival, and even before if you need to apply for a visa, for instance.

Necessary requirements to travel to Argentina

One of the key requirements to travel to Argentina is that you must have a valid passport with you. If at any point your passport is damaged or has expired, you will not be allowed into the country. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months before the day you plan on traveling to Argentina.

Whether you need to apply for a visa or not depends mainly on your country of origin and your purpose for traveling to Argentina. If you come from countries like the United States, Canada or Latin American countries such as Uruguay, Brazil or Chile, you do not need to apply for a visa to Argentina.

Another necessary requirement to travel to Argentina is providing a 4×4 cm passport photograph accompanying your flight ticket. Sometimes you might even be required to provide proof of your hotel booking.

Visiting Argentina

If you are planning on visiting your family in Argentina, you will need to have a copy of their national identity card (Documento Nacional de Identidad, or DNI) and an invitation letter from them.

The letter must have been signed by a local civil law notary. You may not need a hotel reservation if you are staying with them. The purpose of your trip should be stated in a certified letter which must be translated into Spanish by an public translator.

If you plan on studying in Argentina, you should provide a letter of attestation from your field of expertise, with your academic certificates attached to it. If you are a business owner, all the documents pertaining to your business as well as your last year income tax return, must also be attached to the letter.

When visiting as a tourist, as part of the necessary requirements to travel to Argentina you will have to apply for a tourist visa. However, tourist visas are only valid for approximately 90 days. To apply you will need a valid passport, a photograph, an application form and a round trip ticket.

It is also necessary to show evidence that you are financially strong to support yourself in the country. Finally, you may need to pay a consular fee at the embassy. With that visa you can stay in country for less than 90 days. However, it is possible to ask for an extension at the National Immigration Bureau (Dirección Nacional de Migraciones) before the 90-day deadline is met.

Meanwhile, if you are applying for a temporary visa you should provide your entrance permit to travel to Argentina, which you can get at the National Immigration Bureau. Once you have the entrance permit, you can ask for a temporary residence visa.

Special requirements to travel to Argentina

If you travel with underaged children, you are required to provide proof that such children are allowed to enter the country.

If you plan to travel with pets, you will be required to provide an updated medical history and a certificate to prove that the animals are in good health before entering the country. The certificate must be issued less than 10 days before traveling to the country.

Travelers from Canada and Australia have to pay a reciprocity fee of US$92 and US$100, respectively, as a requirement to travel to Argentina. By paying such fee, Australian citizens are allowed multiple entries into the country for a year starting from the date you pay. Canadian citizens will have the same right up until a month before their passport expires.

Although it is not mandatory for you to have your medical certificates with you before entering the country, it is advisable that you take them along with you just should you need them at some point.

Before traveling to Argentina we recommend you learn a few key phrases in Spanish. If you intend to see a doctor, you may as well need to explain yourself, and speaking their language will definitely make things run more smoothly.

How to apply for a visa

Since some countries require a visa to travel to Argentina, it is therefore pertinent to briefly describe how to obtain a visa for your trip.

Visa application forms and necessary documentation should be submitted in paper at the consulate. Any application that does not have every required document will be rejected. You are required to answer every question on the visa form. To avoid unnecessary delay, submit your application form at least 3 weeks before traveling.

Once you submit the Visa application form and required documentation, your application will be considered at the consular section. Further updates will be provided in no more than 4 working days.

Applicants whose petition forms are successfully approved will receive an invitation to attend a compulsory interview.

You will be allowed to pay for your visa fee after the consular officer has approved your visa. Your visa should be ready within 5 working days. The embassy will notify you as soon as it is so you can retrieve it.

Now that you have read about the necessary requirements to travel to Argentina we thereby wish you a safe journey to Buenos Aires. Have a wonderful experience!