How to get prescription discounts in Buenos Aires

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Buenos Aires is considered an excellent destination when it comes to high-quality medical attention. Due to this, quite a few tourists actually come to the city to receive assistance. If this is your case and you need to buy medication, learn how to get prescription discounts in Buenos Aires and reduce medication expenses in a few simple steps.

Medication can be particularly costly, especially when you have a rare condition or an affection that requires either new medication or drugs that are difficult to come by. Medications of this sort can definitely be more expensive than standard-use drugs, which is why it might be crucial for you to get prescription discounts in Buenos Aires.

How to get prescription discounts in Buenos Aires

Firstly, remember to ask your physician to provide at least 2 prescriptions for a particular medication, allowing you to save money. Additionally, there a few prescribed drugs that have “extended-release” or “continuous delivery.”

Also, in Buenos Aires you inquire after the cheapest drugs on the market and should they be suitable for your body, you can ask your physician to prescribe the, this helping you get prescription discounts.

Another way of obtaining prescription discounts in Buenos Aires is visiting websites owned by pharmaceutical companies, which is where they normally inform about discounts or promotions in their medication. You can easily save quite a bit of money from offers of this sort.

At Farmacity drugstores, for instance, you can get prescription discounts in Buenos Aires every April. They sell several medications and products, especially those that do not require a medical prescription for up to 50% of the real price.

If you are new to Buenos Aires and have a daily intake of a particular medication, walking around pharmacies in Buenos Aires asking about that specific drug, you might even get a better price in Buenos Aires that back home.

Interestingly, the brand name of the medicine you buy in your home country would probably be the same in Argentina, thus avoiding any problems. Nonetheless, it is possible for the packaging to change.

Also, you should note that some medication is not sold in the city without prescription, such as controlled substances. The physician’s written prescription is known as “pink sheet”, and those are the ones that grant access to such drugs.

Some controlled substances like diazepam (also called valium) are sold with a double prescription, one for the pharmacy and the other for local health authorities, issued as control measures.

Whenever you see a sign in the pharmacy that reads venta bajo receta, this means it can only be sold with prescription. Medication that reads venta bajo receta archivada means that it is sold under filed prescription, which implies that such drug can only be sold when you provide a prescription from the doctor and another from health authorities.

Health pharmacies in Buenos Aires

At the following pharmacies you can get prescription discounts in Buenos Aires and the staff speaks English as well as Spanish, so communication should not be a problem:


This drugstore where all healthcare products are sold at rather low prices.

Argentina Medical Products

This pharmacy sells hospital equipment and other consumption products are supplied here.


This pharmacy sells natural hair and skin products, as well as baby products, at discounted prices.

Body Health Group

As the name suggests, they supply and sell products that are used for body treatment of all kinds.

Zona Vital

This group of pharmacies offers home delivery services anywhere in the city of Buenos Aires. Just put a call through to them!

Other medical pharmacies you can try out for prescription discounts in Buenos Aires include Farmacias del Dr. Ahorro, Farmacia Azul, Farmacia Carlos Pellegrini and Farmacia del Retiro.

There are many ways to get prescription discounts in Buenos Aires for all sort of medications. You can also find websites that show all available pharmacies offering prescription discounts in Buenos Aires and save some money.