Airports in Buenos Aires: What you need to know

There are many ways to enter a city, although one of the most popular means of transportation is the plane. Buenos Aires has more than one airport, as most metropolis do. Ministro Pistarini International Airport (commonly known Ezeiza or EZE) and the Jorge Newbery Airfield (also referred to as Aeropaque or APE) are the two major airports in Buenos Aires.

The types and distribution of flights are different for each of the airports in Buenos Aires. Hence, it is important that every visitor and tourist understands how things operate in each of these airports. For example, international flights from Europe, North America and every other continent apart from South America, arrive at Ezeiza Airport. However, domestic flights or flights to and from neighbouring countries will most likely arrive at Aeroparque Airfield.

While this information might seem a little too basic, in fact knowing your flight plan and the airport you will land at is essential to plan transportation, for instance. Next, find key information about the airports in Buenos Aires to know the best ways to get to the city.

Ministro Pistarini International Airport (Ezeiza)

The biggest and busiest airport in Argentina is located approximately 35 kilometers southwest (22 miles) of the city center. Commonly referred to as Ezeiza International Airport, it is the largest of the 2 airports in Buenos Aires.

Its construction began in 1945, and it was named after former general and minister Juan Pistarini. At the time of its opening, in 1949, Ezeiza was the third largest airport in the world. Today more than 85% of all international air traffic to Buenos Aires enters the country through this airport.

To facilitate international arrivals to the airport, the immigration and customs terminal was recently renovated. When arriving to the airport, it is highly advisable to know and book in advance your transportation to the city. These are the 3 best transportation options to travel from Ezeiza to Buenos Aires:

#1 The 8 Bus

When in a hurry, the 8 Bus might not be the best option. However, if you can comfortably destine 2:30 hours to travelling to Buenos Aires, and you need to save money in transportation, then this is a very viable alternative.

The 8 Bus travels through Rivadavia Avenue (the longest avenue in Buenos Aires) to Plaza de Mayo, before finally arriving at the Retiro train station. To travel aboard the 8 bus you will need a SUBE card, which can be easily purchased at the airport terminal upon arrival.

Once you have the card, simply go beyond Banco de la Nación (local bank) branch and walk straight to the 8 bus stop, located just 50 metres away from the terminal. Although it is a long journey, it si definitely a good way to have a first glimpse at the city.

#2 Taxi

The fastest way to get to Buenos Aires after landing at Ezeiza is taking a taxi directly from the airport to your hotel. You can negotiate a price with the driver and you will be on your way into the city in no time. Just make sure you have exchanged your money into Argentine pesos before leaving the airport.

#3 Shuttle

An airport shuttle is another way to get into the city from Ministro Pistarini Airport. Keep in mind that this service is only available on weekdays and does not work on weekends.

One of the best options when traveling to Buenos Aires from the airport is the Manuel Tienda Leon bus company ,which is a very reliable shuttle service. Shuttle buses depart from the airport every 30 minutes. While a taxi might take you to your hotel faster, the Combi shuttle is a cheaper alternative.

Jorge Newbery Airport (Aeroparque)

Jorge Newbery Airport is the second most popular airport in Buenos Aires. Located in Palermo neighborhood, approximately 2 km north of the city center, Aeroparque (or AEP) is the smallest of the two airports in Buenos Aires and is mainly destined to domestic flights.

Landing at Jorge Newbery has a few benefits, mainly less travel inconveniences and cheaper transportation costs. However, there are only 2 options available to travel to Buenos Aires from Aeroparque, a taxi or a bus. Whichever option you choose, they will be much cheaper and consume less time than travelling from Ezeiza, since Aeroparque is much closer to the city.

#1 Bus

The bus departing from Aeroparque will take you directly into the city and stop at Plaza Italia, in Palermo, in no more than 20 minutes. There is another route that continues and stops at the city’s Microcentro, at the Congress neighborhood.

#2 Taxi

You can either take a registered yellow cab from the airport into Palermo or continue the journey up to Microcentro. Regardless of the journey you select, the trip won’t take more than 15 minutes. Remember to reach an agreement with the driver before getting on the vehicle.

Private services such as Uber are not viable as a means of transportations to get to the city for any of the airports in Buenos Aires. Nonetheless, it is a very practical way to travel from the city back to the airport. Uber, Cabify, Easy or Safer Taxi are all very convenient and can certainly save a few dollars.