A night out in Buenos Aires: Where to go?

A typical night out in Buenos Aires starts at 11pm and doesn’t come to a close until sunrise. In fact, most nightclubs open their doors after midnight until 7 am. If you are craving for a night to enjoy everything Buenos Aires has to offer, next you will find some of the best ways to do so.

On a regular night out in Buenos Aires porteños normally go to one of the theaters in Avenida Corrientes, dine at any restaurant and enjoy a few drinks at a house, a bar or a pub. until 2 or 3 in the morning, when they head to a nightclub to dance the night away.

The most popular neighborhoods to enjoy a night out in Buenos Aires are Palermo, Las Cañitas, La Costanera and Recoleta.

Different plans for a night out in Buenos Aires

Because you are in one of Latin America’s greatest metropolis, the city caters to every possible need, which of course when it comes to nightlife, this translates into great bars, pubs and nightclubs for tourists to enjoy.

  • For nightclub lovers, clubbing at Palermo Hollywood or La Costanera is the best option.
  • If you are looking to relax and enjoy a quiet dinner while still enjoying local culture, a tango show is probably the best plan.
  • For those interested in soaking up local music and culture, theaters and pubs with live music might just be the perfect fit.


If you want the perfect to spend your night out in Buenos Aires enjoying an amazing show but you are not sure where to start, consider the following shows:

  • We Are Tango

Considered the ultimate tango experience by experts, at We Are Tango you can enjoy excellent live music and incredible tango dance moves, while learning about the evolution of the dance in the country and eating delicious empanadas. Need we say more?

  • Fuerza Bruta

An incredible feast for the senses, Fuerza Bruta (brute force) has been around the Argentine cultural scene for a while, captivating both locals and tourists. Full of adrenaline, this show will make you feel energized. Even if only once, you must stop by Recoleta and get a ticket.

Nightclubs and pubs

If you visit Buenos Aires looking to dance the night away, consider our list of some of the best nightclubs in the capital:

  • Pacha

If you are looking for an Ibiza, London and New York kind of spot, this is the perfect choice for you. Pacha is part of a world-famous chain of clubs and an absolute haven for DJs. Live electronic music plays every night and celebrity Djs all over the world come to this particular nightclub to enjoy a night of great music.

Located in Costanera Norte, Pacha has an open-air terrace to enjoy a smoke or watch the sunrise.

  • Alsina

Just a few minutes away on foot from Plaza de Mayo, Alsina holds up to 3000 guests. Two of its most popular parties are State on Friday and Big One on Saturday, but it also offers a daytime party on Sunday that has become a tradition among those locals that never sleep.

  • Fiesta Plop

Friday nights in Buenos Aires are reserved exclusively for the Plop at Vorterix Theater. This famous theme party changes every week and covers all sort of themes, from Pokemon and Harry Potter to the FIFA World Cup. Also, inside you can enjoy am open bar.

  • Jet Lounge

Jet is so exclusive that it can be difficult to find reviews on the club. Around for more than a decade, Jet is considered one of the most exclusive spots in Buenos Aires, establishing new trends for the porteño nightlife. Resident DJs provide guests with a fashionable, luxurious and exclusive event. It’s located at 4801 Rafael Obligado Ave. and opens from 11pm to 6am.

  • Amerika

As one of the largest LGBT nightclubs in Latin America, Amerika sets the example for many other clubs in the world. It has 3 different dance floors: Continental, Caribbean, and Crystal, which can hold up to 1900 people. Open from Thursdays to Sundays, everyone is welcome, gay or heterosexual. It also normally has an open bar and a great pop and electronic music selection. You can find this three-storey club at 1040 Gascón st.

Great plans yes, but how much do they cost?

Regardless of which club you choose to visit, 40 USD is more than enough money to cover both entry tickets and drinks. However, keep in mind that this estimated amount is for an average night out in Buenos Aires. If you decide to access the VIP area of an exclusive club, remember that drinks normally come at a higher cost.

  • Emma Miller

    Fuerza Bruta is not a show, it’s an incredible experience that cannot be put into words. It’s better to go in the summer with friends, it’s not really a family activity. Get ready to get wet!