10 things to do in Buenos Aires with kids

Trips can sometimes bore kids, especially when they are not factored into a journey. Kids normally do not enjoy things adults find interesting, and their definition of fun is totally different from that of adults. Buenos Aires offers a wide range of activities for kids, so if you plan a journey to Buenos Aires with kids, including a few of these can definitely change their attitude towards the trip.

To ensure your kids have the time of their lives during your family trip consider the following 10 things to do in Buenos Aires with kids to include into your schedule. Choose the ones your children will love the most and get ready to enjoy your next family vacation.

Visit the Children’s Museum

While many parents try to force history lessons onto their children organizing dull visits to a museum, there are other more effective and entertaining ways to teach them history, such as visiting El Museo de los Niños (Children’s Museum).

Located inside one of the best shopping malls in Buenos Aires, the Abasto shopping center, this is a wonderful place to leave your kids while you enjoy some leisure time shopping or simply drinking a cup of coffee and treating yourself with Havanna alfajores.

At the museum, children get a job as doctors, TV hosts, laborers, cashiers, Mcdonald’s employees…They will learn how to handle money and enjoy playing with local kids while learning about Argentina. Entrance costs ARS 250 (USD 9), although if you buy your ticket for after 7pm you get a 50 % discount.

Visit Polo Circus

If your children enjoy acrobatics, one of the best activities to undertake in Buenos Aires with kids is visiting the circus. The Buenos Aires Polo Circo is a local initiative developed by the government to promote circus arts.

There you can enjoy highly entertaining and impressive acrobatic performances held at 3 permanent tents. Ideal for both children and adults, the Polo Circo offers healthy simple fun.

Temaikèn biopark

When visiting Buenos Aires with kids, animals should definitely factor into your plans, especially because of Temaikèn. This non-profit biopark teaches children to care for animals, to ensure their quality of life as well as the importance of protecting their natural habitats.

Temaikèn offers guided tours, which you can pay for in advance, to get to know every inch of the park guided by professionals that can teach your children everything about caring for animals.

Some of the highlights of the park include a huge aquarium, a typical Argentine farm filled with local farmyard animals, as well as interactive centers for viewing birds of prey and hippopotamus. Tickets cost between ARS 530 and 630 (USD 18 to 23), and kids under 3 can access the biopark free of charge. Buy tickets online and get a 20 % discount on the cost.

Galileo Galilei Planetarium

The 5-floor dome-shaped planetarium is quite an impressive and attractive sight to behold. Inside the building a world of fun awaits, created mainly to entertain kids and awaken their passion for science and astrology.

With interactive exhibitions and other shows specifically created to teach children about the cosmos, the Galileo Galilei Planetarium is definitely another amazing place you should add to your schedule when visiting Buenos Aires with kids.

Republic of Children

When planning your journey to Buenos Aires, if you have some free time, we highly recommend you visit the Republic of Children. Located in La Plata, about 55 kilometers away from the city center, this theme park and miniature city combines fun and knowledge.

The institution provides some very interesting activities created to educate kids about life in Argentina, while providing a great source entertainment throughout the day. The tickets costs only ARS 20 (70 cents!) and children under 8 access the park free of charge. They even have guided tours around their different castles and buildings.

Children’s Park

If you visit Buenos Aires with kids and you want to treat them to some outdoor fun, then Parque de Los Niños is the place to visit. The park has playgrounds, inflatable moon bounces, sporting equipment, and in the summer, children can enjoy all sorts of activities, such as kite flying and games in the sand.


Indulge your kids with ice-cream. Freddo is a popular ice-cream spot at the city of Buenos Aires, with some absolutely delightful flavors. One of the most amazing local flavors you need to taste while in Buenos Aires is dulce de leche. This sweet caramel-like flavor is one of the region’s specialties and you can find it in almost every dessert. When in Buenos Aires with kids, Freddo is an ideal place to visit, especially if you visit during the summer.

Perú Beach

Buenos Aires is definitely a wonderful place to enjoy the great outdoors. One of the best places to get some fresh air when in Buenos Aires with kids is Perú Beach. Located between Acassuso and San Isidro neighborhoods, Perú Beach is the ideal spot to relax and enjoy nature, away from city’s hustle and bustle.

If you enjoy aquatic activities, this place is absolutely perfect to practice windsurf, kitesurf or kayak, play soccer, tennis or hockey, and if you prefer less movement, then yoga and pilates classes are also available. You can also find several restaurants around the area.

Empanada picnic

Of course, food and snacks are an essential part of a trip with children. When in Buenos Aires with kids, you should give them a taste of local delicacy as a part of the enjoyment of the trip. Empanadas are a local treat when visiting Buenos Aires and one that you absolutely have to have.

Empanadas are available almost anywhere in the city and they are also cheap. You can quickly set up a family picnic under the Buenos Aires clear blue skies and enjoy the different flavors of empanadas, both sweet and salty.

Parque de la Costa

One of the best plans when visiting Buenos Aires with kids is Parque de la Costa (Coast Park). Located in Tigre, just 33 km from the center of the capital, this is the most important amusement park in the country, with more than 40 attractions available for kids of all ages.

For older kids and adults, the park has some really good roller coasters such as Boomerang, Torbellino and El Vigía, and mechanic games such as The Octopus, Vértigo Xtremo or Pendulum. For younger kids the park has a merry-go-round, spin cups, bumper cars and flying whales.

The park opens everyday from 11am to 7.30pm, and entrances are called Pasaportes (passports), which depending on the one you buy, the attractions you can access. If you already know which rides you want to visit, you can buy individual tickets for those specific games, and if you want to avoid long lines and get on the rides before everyone else, you can buy a fast pass.

Entrances cost between ARS 450 (USD 16) and 650 (USD 24), and fast pass costs ARS 180 (USD 6,50). You can find transportation, attractions and ticket information in the Parque de la Costa website.

These are some of the best attractions available for children in the capital of Argentina, so if you plan on visiting Buenos Aires with kids, make sure you include these and more fun activities for them to enjoy themselves while travelling.

  • Joshua Anderson

    The Buenos Aires planetarium is an ideal place to go with children. The building has a flight simulator to Mars that my daughter loved.